Birding Rained Out

Wet Eastern Wood Pewee

Wet Eastern Wood Pewee

No birding today.  But heck, we can always use the rain.  I have 3 inches in my gauge for the last 72 hours.  The Eastern Wood Pewee, pictured here, by the way, is not caught in the rain.  He is sitting under the mister at the Dan Brown’s Hummer House, down in Christoval, Texas.  That’s another one of my favorite birding sites.

I want to thank everyone that responded to my first post yesterday.  What a great start.  I appreciate everyone’s comments.  I even learned a few things.  For example, I was not aware that the Heron rookery did not exist anymore off Catalina Dr near O.C, Fisher dam.  Sharon Camfield informed me of that.  So I guess this will be a good forum for publishing such news from the local birding community.

Another idea I have, if anyone has a photo of a bird they can’t ID, e-mail it to me, I will put it here, and maybe one our experts can be of help.  That would be an educational experience, for me anyway.  I am quite a novice birder as Terry Maxwell can attest.  I quite often query him about bird IDs.  But not without a few embarrasing moments.  I once sent him a photo of this mysteriously blackish bird.  He told me that it was just a wet Northern Mockingbird.

Birding is quite a learning process.  Every time I get a nice photograph, if it is not a common bird that I know, I now dig into my books more.  My favorie is the Sibley’s guide.  But I have a few other assorted books, too.  Another one I like is the Birds of North America, published by the American Museum of Natural History.  It is a real tome, 744 pages, and weighs about ten pounds.  Definitely not a pocket guide.

Before I forget, I have just produced a DVD of about 80 of my bird photographs, set to music.  It runs about 15 minutes.  I am pretty proud of it and it is being well received around the country.  An optometrist in Knoxville, TN plays it in his waiting room for his patients.  Another restaurant loops it on a large screen TV for the customers.  The music is a nice background and helps the overall viewing experience.  They go for 10.00 each.  I’ll pay the taxes and any postage fees if I mail them.  If anyone is interested just let me know at:

‘Til the next time, Happy Birding,

Bob Zeller