Ringed Kingfisher

Yesterday after Terry Maxwell notified me of the female Ringed Kingfisher at the Lake Nasworthy Dam, Ann and I loaded up and headed out there.  As we drove down to the bottom of the spillway, we watched for it, as we really didn’t know exactly where it would be.  After we parked the van, I started scanning the reeds and the small trees along both banks of the river, to me the logical place to look.  Ann, on the other hand, aimed her binoculars at the dam itself, and immediately spotted it high up on top, sitting on a rail.  She got my attention, but by then, it had flown down and disappeared.  I missed it, didn’t see it. 

Somewhat disappointed I returned to the van, got my tripod and camera out.  I attached my 500mm lens with a 1.4x converter, then hiked down over the rocks, to get as close to the dam as possible, but not so close that

Ringed Kingfisher

Ringed Kingfisher

I would be looking straight up.  I ended up being probably about 100 yards away from the base of the dam itself.  I didn’t know what would happen, but after a few minutes, the kingfisher did return.  She was high up again, sitting on the rail again.  The photo you see here is one of the images I captured.  I estimated that the actual shooting distance was somewhere around 150 yards.

I might add that during this time, Jerry Rosenband, the man that originally sighted the bird, showed up with his spotting scope.  He is a friend of Terry Maxwell, and of course, he initially notified Terry, who in turn, notified me, knowing that I would jump at the chance for a photograph.  So I am grateful to both of them.  Terry reports that this is only the seventh time that the Ringed Kingfisher has been sighted in the Concho Valley.  Terry Richmond of San Angelo Birding passed this information to me.

I hope you enjoy the photograph.  In the original, the bird takes up just a tiny portion, a very tiny image.  I cropped the RAW image in Photoshop Elements, and sharpened it up a bit using Nik ProSharpener.  Shooting in the RAW format, I am able to obtain quite a bit more detail, especially in the shadows. 

Well, I’m heading back out there again this morning, to see if I can get some more shots.

Happy Birding!!