Birding at Lake Nasworthy Dam

Ann and I went out again yesterday to see if the Ringed Kingfisher was still there at the Lake Nasworthy Dam   She was, but only briefly, as she left hiding to fly downstream.  We discovered that this place is a really great place for birding.  We saw a Great Blue Heron fishing.  Also a Green Heron, Least Sandpiper, Spotted Sandpiper, and a Killdeer.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

There were probably many more species in the trees and reeds, but I got involved in photographing the Great Blue Heron and the Green Heron.  Here some shots for you to see.

To get to this area, drive south on Knickerbocker Road, go past Bentwood Country Club, turn left at the bottom of the hill onto Beatty Road.  Follow it as far as it goes, follow the curve around to the right.  You will see a dirt road

The Catch of The Day

The Catch of The Day

branch off to the left.  That will lead you down around to the base of the dam.  Drive as close to the dam as possible.  After you get out of the car, walk towards the dam.  You will see some more shallow little pools of water among the boulders. 

Green Heron

Green Heron

Have binoculars and/or spotting scopes.  Watch the reeds across the river, look in the pools, and especially look carefully at the dam itself.  You may see different species of shorebirds or others, either along the bottom of the dam, or sitting up in hidden spaces, or on the rails above.  This is one place that I am going to add to my favorite hot spots list.  Please let me now what some of your favorite hot spots are, and I’ll mention them here.

In other news, I’ve heard that there are tentative plans for building an additional bird blind at the San Angelo State Park.  That will be nice for all the birders that frequent that place.  The water is way down at the lake.   It only gained a little over 3 inches from the rains, and that will probably be gone again soon.  The eleven or so American Avocets are still out there.

Happy Birding!

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3 thoughts on “Birding at Lake Nasworthy Dam

  1. Bob, The “Catch of the Day” is indeed a catch! Would you classify this pic as something the Sibley folks might be interested in?

    See you when we get back!

  2. Bob, I finally got a minute to visit your blog. What a treasure.

    Your photos are icredible. Especially the Catch of the Day.

    We are fortunate to have you with us at the park.

    I am going to ask Skipper to add your blog as a link to the FoSASP website.

    Maybe I could use some of your comments and photo for the newsletter.

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