American White Pelicans

We saw about twenty of these beautiful birds at O. C. Fisher Lake in San Anglo State Park yesterday.  They were on a little spit of sand a few yards off

American White Pelicans and friends

American White Pelicans and friends

shore.  We went out there this morning and they were still there, although they had moved to the shore.  When they arrive it is a beautiful sight to be hold.  They come gliding over in a swirling vortex, then gliding in to land.

I have a photo that I took earlier in the year that is shown here.  The three pelicans are accompanied by a few Ring-billed Gulls.  A little side note to this photo.  I had set my 500mm on a tripod and when I was sighting through the viewfinder on my camera, I heard, or felt a ruckus behind me.  Ann had been standing nearby and a bobcat came charging through, chasing a jackrabbit.  It came within about three feet of Ann, nearly knocking her down.  I’m glad that it was after the rabbit, as I don’t believe that it noticed us.

While on the subject of these birds, this photo is of a Brown Pelican.  They are rarely seen in this area.  But I guess this one got off course and ended up down in Eldorado, at the water treatment ponds.  Our good friends, Suzanne and Sid Johnson, called us about them and we high-tailed it down there so as

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

 not to miss the photo oportunity.  It stayed around for several days before heading for, I presume, the coast.  Those ponds are getting to be a mecca for unusual birds showing up

If you are interested in birding at the Eldorado water treatment ponds, the easiest way from San Angelo is to go south on Hiway 277 into Eldorado, turn left at the light (Hwy 190), go several blocks to East St.  Turn left, go about a half mile or so, turn right on the gravel road just this side of a Gray colored metal building.  Follow that road through two open gates, then bear to the right and drive to the ponds.  They are open daily to the public, from 8 ’til 5.  A wide variety of species can be seen there.

Also today, we returned to the spillway at Lake Nasworthy Dam.  We searched fo the Ringed Kingfisher.  Alas, I believe it has finally moved on.  But we saw some more Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Spotted Sandpipers, and a Green Heron. 

That’s it for today.

Happy Birding!

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