Need Help on Breeding Robins

American Robin

American Robin

Terry Maxwell asked me to pass this on.  He needs to know of any other towns (other than San Angelo) in our region that hosts breeding American Robins in late spring and summer, i.e.  Ballinger, Eden, Grape Creek, Mertzon, Eldorado, Robert Lee, Bronte, Sterling City.   Let’s hear from some of you on this.   You may e-mail Terry at

On another subject, I said in my State Park blog that Gary Lindahl and I saw a Purple Finch.  I was a little uneasy about that, so I e-mailed photos to Mark Lockwood,  secretary of birds records at the Texas Ornothological Society.  He said that it was an “over-pigmented” House Finch.  To expand on that, he also said that the House Finchs’ upper mandible was slightly curved, whereas the Purple Finch upper mandible was straight.   A useful lesson for me.

Happy Birding!!

More photos at

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