Damp, Cool, Overcast Day

Hey, this isn’t Michigan.  This is supposed to be West Texas, where it is usually hot and dry.  As usual, the rain that we get isn’t in the right places.   O. C. Fisher Lake is down to only 4% of it’s capacity according to the experts, but I suspect it is getting closer to 3%.

It could be worse.   Many, many years ago, there was a TV show called “Laugh-in”.   It starred two comedians by the names of Rowen and Martin.  Well, they gave San Angelo “The Fickle Finger of Fate” award when O. C. Fisher lake caught fire and took a fire truck with it.

Ann and I are taking over the bird-feeding job at San Angelo State Park bird blind for a few days, as the people that usually do it are out of town.   We went out there this morning, and it was chilly enough for a jacket.   We hung around for a bit but I think most of the birds were hunkered down for warmth.

I wanted to see those MacGillivray’s Warblers again.   I want to be sure that I hadn’t mis-identified them.  The Mourning Warbler is very similar and it would have been very easy to make a mistake.  But both species are seldom seen around this area.  It would have been quite a co-incidence of both were here at this time, and I don’t think that happened.

In the photo that I posted a few days ago of the MacGillivray’s, I thought I could see the dark lore that connected across between the eyes.  The Mourning Warbler doesn’t have that.  However, the photo is not very distinct; the only usable one I obtained.  That may well be just a shadow over the eyes.  The bird presented a challenge to photograph as he or she, was flitting in and around a reedy, grassy wet area. 

I may get lucky soon.  Stay tuned……………

Happy Birding!!

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