Headin’ for Big Bend

Tomorrow Ann and I are heading for Big Bend area of southwest Texas.  We’ll

Mexican Jay

Mexican Jay

 be back sometime late Wednesday afternoon.  I hope to keep posting to the blog if possible.  It depends on if I can find a wi-fi hot-spot.  If not I will catch up with you readers on Thursday.

We hope to spend most of the time in Big Bend National Park and do a little birding.  The Chisos Mountains are home to the Colima Warbler and is the only place it can be found in the United States.  The mountains are also the only place in Texas that the Mexican Jay, seen pictured here, can be seen.   It can also be found in southern Arizona.  I have never seen a Colima Warbler, so it will be a lifer for me if I can spot one.  Of course, I would like the opportunity to photograph the Mexican Jay again.

So check back frequently, and I’ll try to keep you updated if conditions permit, i.e. finding a internet connection.  We’ll be staying in Terlingua at the Chisos Mining Company at Easter Egg Valley motel. 

Happy Birding!!

more photos at www.zellertexasphotos.com.


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