Howdy from The Big Bend

Just a few lines this morning while I’ve got an internet connection.  We arrived here late Sunday afternoon to foggy drizzles in the mountains.  In some places we couldn’t even see the mountains.  But making the best of it and having a great time.  Yesterday was a bit better, but still heavy fog earlier in the day ’til about noon.  Birding not great yet, I guess because the cool temps sent some of them further south into Mexico. 

We’re going out again the morning after we get some breakfast.  We will head across the park to Rio Grand Village and see what we can find there.  I hope they have re-built the little board walk across the marsh on the nature trail.  It was destroyed last spring during the devastating flood there.

We ate the last two evenings at a neat restaurant near Terlingua called the La Kiva.  Great steaks, etc, and wonderful margaritas.

More later today or tomorrow.

One thought on “Howdy from The Big Bend

  1. Howdy Bob. I love your blog…..I think you are a natural blogger…..or maybe a great blogger about nature. Either way, I have really enjoyed following along. I wish we were with you guys at Big Bend….hope you have a great time. Don’t get too close to the rattlesnakes.

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