Trapped in the bird blind.

Oh, the horror of it all!  Hey, it could have been serious. 

We went out to the San Angelo State Park Friday morning to check things out early.  Ann and I were sitting in the bird blind, which to you readers who have never been there, is actually a small building with viewing windows and benches to sit on.  While we were there, Charlie Rudd, one of the park hosts, dropped by for a moment to visit.   Upon leaving, he absent-mindedly latched the door from the outside.

What to do!  What to do!  We didn’t panic or scream or anything horrific like that.  Ann says heck, I’ll just climb out the window.  So since she is shorter than me, that sounded like a good idea.  So she lithely (yeah, right)  climbed out the window, but not without help from me.  She got on the sill, got one leg out the window, but had problem getting her other knee bent.  So I gave her a boost in that area, without breaking any of her bones.  She then went around and opened the door.  It gave us quite a laugh.  Just wait ’til we see Charlie Rudd again.

In other news it seems like I will be leading the monthly Adult Birding Adventure on the second Saturday of each month beginning in January of 2010.  Terry Richmond, who has lead it for several years is retiring.  I am the only person that showed any interest in taking over, according to Ranger Pat Bales.  I have to take the necessary papers to Pat this morning, so the Texas Parks and Wildlife Service can check my non-criminal record, and look at my character references.  Several people I know say that I am a character, so that should be no problem.

My plan is to start the program at 9:00 AM.  That is a little later than the current 7:30 starting time.  I feel that starting later may bring more people out to the park.  I hope to get larger gatherings, and to encourage participants to bring cameras, binoculars, and spotting scopes.  I am far from being an expert birder, but I feel I can learn from others in the group that are more informed.  It should be great fun for all.

Suzanne Johnson, of Eldorado, called us to say some new birds appeared at the water treatment ponds down there.  So we went down there for a few hours yesterday morning.  We saw one Ruddy Duck, and several Eared Grebes.  Both lifers for me.  I tried to get some photos but they were too far away to get usable images.  But what I did get were good enough to make a positive ID.  Suzanne said that she had also seen an American White Pelican, some widgeons, and gadwalls.

I hope to put some of my pictures of the Big Bend trip on my website this afternoon.  I have already framed a couple to exhibit for sale.  So later today, check my site,  I will have some scenics from the Big Bend, and some new Red-tailed Hawk photos. 

Happy Birding!!