Visit to Lake Ivie

Before I get to reporting on our trip Saturday to O. H. Ivie Resevoir, I wish to touch on something personal.  I and Ann have been a little distracted the last few days.  My dearest friend, Deb Tappan of Knoxville, Tennessee, lost her father a few days ago.  She and her husband Paul are more like family to us.  Deb was the one that talked me into me starting this blog.  I didn’t think I could do it, but she pushed, then Ann pushed and this where I am today.  So, Deb and Paul, please know that we are thinking about you.

Suzanne and Sid came up from Eldorado, Saturday morning to join us on our birding  trip.   Both of them wanted to have some fun time before the weather got to changing too much.

We left San Angelo about 9:30 Saturday morning, and saw quite a few birds on the way there.  Lots of various hawk and kestrels.  We visited all of the

Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker

 various parks around the lake, plus along the Colorado River.  We ended up with seeing 40 species.  Not up to Mary’s and Sue’s total of 61, but more than I expected.  We also saw some species that they didn’t see.  We were able to add six White-faced Ibises, one Northern Flicker, and one Red Head, the latter which is a lifer for me.  The weather was very nice, around 80 degrees, but quite windy.  But that is West Texas for you.

Afterward, on the way home, we left Padgett Park going north and stopped in Valera to eat.  We found this little place, called the Grazin’ Patch.  They have great food.  If you’re in the area and hungry, you would be pleased to give them a try.  They are open Thursday thru Sunday.

Happy Birding!!

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