Bird Blind Update

Actually, there is really nothing much to update.  As far as I know there has been no progress on this project since our last meeting.  I don’t know what the holdup is as I haven’t talked to Kurt Kemp since.  I and Ruth Jordan received, by e-mail, a booklet of different plans for bird blinds.  It was sent by Jim Miller who is currently at Wright-Patterson AFB attending some classes.  Some of them looked pretty neat, from square ones to round ones that are set so birders can look out on all sides.  That would be great for bird photography also, because of the changing light directions.  Ruth said she would send a copy to Kurt for him to look it.

I haven’t been birding since we returned from our trip to Lake Ivie.  But yesterday, as I was driving down College Hill Blvd, we spotted a Great Blue Heron in that little creek by the empty gas station.  I had accidently left my


Great Blue Heron

 camera with my 100-400mm lens on it at home.  But I still had my other set-up with my 500mm on it, so I managed to hand-hold it out the van window.  I caught this picture as he flew off.  I think I distracted him when I was adjusting that heavy camera through the window.

I spent yesterday afternoon at the airport.   Jodie Wolslager, who I am coaching on her photography,  has her office at their hangar where her airplane is kept.  She is new to Photoshop Elements and I am helping her on that.  She has some very good photographs.  Both birds and landscapes.  I guess maybe I can teach after all.  She is getting great results.

Today I have to start framing some more pictures.  I sold two more yesterday.  Both were framed 16×20 photos.  One of a Red-tailed Hawk, the other of a Snowy Egret.  They both had been hanging at Kenny Blanek’s Village Cafe.  I really appreciate him letting me show my work there.  Since I don’t have a studio, it gives me an option to tell folks where they can view my images.  And, by the way, I did replace those that were sold, so there are some very nice new ones in their place.  Go have a look.  If you haven’t been to the restaurant before, I have three pictures hanging immediately when you come in the door, then there are four more hanging in the far back corner.

Happy Birding!!

more photos at

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