American Kestrel

Ann and I ate breakfast at Roxie’s Restaurant, next to Days Inn on South Bryant and Jackson this morning.  While sitting next to the windows, we spotted an American Kestrel sitting on some overhead power lines.

They are a cute, beautiful, but very ferocious little hawk.  I photographed


American Kestrel feeding

 these two at San Angelo State Park about a year ago.  One photo shows one eating his prey.  Probably the easiest way to get a photograph, because they are sitting still for a short period while they eat.

The other one pictured below was another story.  He led me on a bit of a chase.  Ann and I were doing some birding from the van one afternoon, when we saw this one in the top of a tree.  I cautiously tried to get the van into a position for a photograph.  He then decided to fly off in another direction.  I could see where he lit in another tree, so I drove near to that location.  Again he re-located.  At last he was atop another tree.  He spread out his feathers in the wind, and just sat and swayed there.  I was nearly 100 yards away, but I was able to hand-hold my 500mm with a 1.4x tele-converter and got this shot.

Perserverance pays off.  Happy Birding!!


American Kestrel showing off