Lake Colorado City State Park

Ann, Jodie, and I made a trip to Lake Colorado City State Park yesterday to check out the birding.  It is located about five miles west of Colorado City.  A neat little park, with a lot of nice campsite sites, and picnic areas.  Most are located near the lake.  It was a little windy but the temperature was near 85, so it was a pleasant experience.

I didn’t think we were seeing a lot of birds, but totaling it up we came up with twenty-two species.  The fact that I didn’t get many photographs made we think that there weren’t that many.  I did get a few photos that I will picture here below.  Not aesthecally beautiful, but good enough to show you what I got.  The Osprey was atop a light pole.  Jodie got a great photo of it as it was flying off.  I missed that one.  I think I am teaching her too well.  LOL

As for shore birds we spotted numerous Cormorants, Coots, Blue Herons, and one Great Egret.  Only the one Greater Yellowlegs.  On the way up there we saw numerous Meadowlarks and Hawk species.  I think this place will be a nice place to bird in the summer/spring.  Just find a nice little area, and sit and watch.

Happy Birding!


















Greater Yellowlegs