Time is fleeting

Boy, I can’t believe how time flies.  I just realized that I hadn’t added a new post since November 7.  I guess that is just part of the aging process. LOL

But anyway, Ann and I haven’t been doing too much exciting.  We did go to the San Angelo State Park a couple of time the past few days.  Hey, I almost forgot!  I saw my first Harris’s Hawk.  A lifer for me.  Unfortunately, I had my binoculars in my hands instead of a camera, so I missed a photo.  We have



 seen quite a few birds, though.  A Pyrrhuloxia, pictured to the right, about 150 American White Pelicans, numerous other shorebirds such as Greater Yellowlegs, American Avocets, Great Blue Herons, and various Egrets.  The White-crown Sparrows are starting to show up, too.

We passed by the Prairie Dog town.  We have been keeping an eye on it, because we were wondering how they were surviving.  We have seen four healthy looking ones the last two visits.  I hope there are  more down in their dens.  At one


Black-tailed Prairie Dog

time, a couple of years ago, there were nearly two dozen.  But disease and predators, probably bobcats or hawks, I think are taking their toll.  We’ll continue to watch.

The last report I heard about the O. C. Fisher Lake level, was about three weeks ago and the amount of water was about 4% of capacity.  I would be surprised if it wasn’t down to about 2% now.  It is getting harder and harder to identify the shorebirds without a scope of some kind.

But better days are coming, and the birds are returning.

Happy Birding!