Harris’s Hawk

Just thought that I’d mention that the Harris’s Hawk is still hanging around out at San Angelo State Park, near O. C. Fisher lake. (or should I say O. C. Fisher Puddle.)  Oh well, there still is water there, but the shore line is getting farther away.

But anyway, if you want see the Harris’s Hawk, after you enter the main South entrance, just keep on going straight until you come to the boat ramp parking lot.  The hawk seems to have taken that whole area along the shore as his hunting area.  Ann and I have watched him for over 30 minutes on two occasions the past couple of days. 

At that area, you are about 25 feet above the shore line, so watch for him swooping low, some times hovering if he sees something of interest.    He doesn’t get above the horizon much, but he’s easy to spot with that bright flash of white near his tail.  I bought a new pair of 10×50 Leupold binoculars and I am having a great time observing him.  The next time I’m out, I’m going to set up my camera with my 500mm lens on a tripod and see if I can lock on and track him.  Maybe I’ll get some shots if he gets close enough.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Monte Jones, a.k.a. the famous Biscuits O’Brien.  He purchased some framed prints of my Red-tailed Hawks.  He gave me an autographed copy of his book, titled “Biscuits O’Brien, Texas Storyteller”.   He’s quite a character.

Happy Birding!!

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