Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR Camera

Wiow, just gleefully unwrapped my new camera that I received by UPS late last evening.  Wow, what a wonderfull photographic wonder!!  I am like a kid with a new toy.  Heck, I AM a kid with a new toy.  This thing has 18 whopping megapixels, the better to see you with, my dear.  A flying 8 frames per second shooting.  The better to stop your action, my dear.

Seriously, what with all the new features for only 1700 dollars.  I don’t know how my photographs can’t do anything but get better, not that they are so bad to begin with.  But is always nice to improve on them.  The auto-focus is lightning fast, better exposure features, and a larger 3 inch LCD screen.  Did I mention that it shoots HD 1080p video??

Tomorrow I will do some shooting with it and I will give you a report then. 

Happy Birding!!

3 thoughts on “Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR Camera

  1. Congratulations! Kinda had the same feeling when I got my D80. There is so much to learn when you get a new camera, it does make you feel a little giddy, doesn’t it? Will look forward to your photos, but honestly I think your photos are pretty wonderful already!
    Take care,
    Mike Z

  2. Outstanding, Bob. Everything I have read about the 7D has been top notch. The Mp’s and LCD are nice features, but the enormous (and accurate) viewfinder and the high ISO performance are the big selling points for me. Likely by the time I finish school they’ll have the 7D’s replacement so I’ll be over here sitting on the sidelines with my current rig until then.

    Maybe when I’m home for the holidays I can see it in action. I promise I won’t drool (much).

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