Eldorado re-visited

In my excitement of talking about the great things of the new Canon EOS 7d, I forgot to mention about all the species that we saw at the water treatment ponds down at Eldorado.  Surprisingly, there was a great assortment of

Vesper Sparrow

 water birds.  I saw my first Canvasback, plus Green-winged Teals, Blue-winged Teals, Eared Grebes, Lesser Scaups, one Widgeon, a Mallard, and several Coots.  Also, an Eastern Phoebe, a Vesper Sparrow. a Great Blue Heron and a Snowy Egret.

Here in San Angelo, Mike Erb, a friend of mine, reported that he saw a Blue-headed Vireo in his back yard.

Happy Birding!!

More photos at www.zellertexasphotos.com