Brrr, No birding today

It’s 41 degrees outside.  Not that bad, but rain, drizzle, maybe sleet and snow later.  Great day to just sit inside and catch up on stuff.

The bird in my previous post has been identified.  Terry Maxwell, Sue Oliver and Mikael Behrens of Austin, all agree that it is a female Rusty Blackbird.  It is usually found, though with difficulty, in East Texas.  So it is a great find that one was found near here in Eldorado.  Of course, credit goes to Suzanne Johnson for spotting and photographing it.  I just posted the pictures on this blog for her.

It seems that those ponds down there in Eldorado are getting to be quite a mecca for finding unusual birds.  I believe that Suzanne had put together a list of the total species that have been found near those ponds.  Maybe she will respond to this post and tell us how many so far.  She keeps me informed of anything new, and I can pass the info on.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Happy Birding!!


2 thoughts on “Brrr, No birding today

  1. I’m with you on that one Bob! I haven’t been out to the eagles nest since the third of November. The eagles have laid the eggs about the first weekand of Novemeber! So that’s early this year so it should be anytime now for the eggs to be hatching! I’m itching to go out to see what’s going on but the holidays and all just haven’t gone! This week is the weather that’s keeping me in and I’m redoing my computers! Tomorrow is suposed to be clear so I may go tomorrow to see what’s going on! Hey I’m wondering if we can trade links with each other and display them on our blogs? Let me know talks to yeah laters!

  2. Since we started keeping a list, our check list has about 180 species. A few birds have been not identifed so the count would probably be higher.

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