Snow and Bald Eagles

Although not a rarity, it still is a little unusual to get snow around here, and it usually is gone within a day.  Last night we got nearly 2 inches (with drifting up to 4 inches).  A little humor there.  I’m originally from Michigan and as a kid I can remember about 4 feet of it hanging around all winter.

Up in cold Canada, Dave Skinner wrote me to say that the Phainopepla was still hanging around.  You can go to a previous post to read how that bird is very rare up there.  He forwarded this photograph.


It is pretty cold out.  The sun came out and about noon I ran out, or actually limped out with my Canon 7D.  My hip is a little gimpy because of over exuberance bowling with my Wii game. 🙂   Anyway the snow is halfway gone now, but I grabbed off a couple of wintery shots to e-mail to a friend, but they weren’t anything great to post here.

I updated this site yesterday.  If you notice I have a “blogroll” to the right here.  I have put some links to some friends who all have some great photographs to show, and things to say.

I also added a page completely for San Angelo State Park.  I have some good info there about the park, and I will keep you appraised of any thing new or unusual happening out there.

I found out from my friend down in Llano, that there two eggs in that Bald Eagles nest down there.  I think that is a couple weeks earlier than usual.  Best of luck to the little ones. 🙂

Here are a couple of my photos from a trip to the nest at Llano last year.

Bald Eagle on nest

Pair of Bald Eagles

Happy Birding!!