San Angelo State Park Again

Last night Ann and I attended a Christmas Party for the Park Staff, Park Hosts, and board members of Friends of the State Park. and special guests.  We were special guests, as we don’t fit into the above categories.  The food was great and it was fun.  However, I was very disappointed about one thing.  The invitations specified that attendees each bring one bag of sunflower seeds to use at the bird blind.  Bird feed is an expensive proposition so any help the park can get in that area is really appreciated.

There were at least 50 people in attendance, yet there were only 6 bags of seed donated.  I think that is appalling, since most of the people were board members of the Friends of SA State Park.  So if you are reading this and donated in another way, that is nice.  If you didn’t leave anything, shame on you.  And you know who you are.

I visited with Kurt Kemp, the park manager, while sitting at his table.  He reported that the White-tailed Deer harvest was quite low compared to previous years.  He attributed the lack of hunters’ success to the very rainy year that we had.  He feels that the deer just were’nt hungry enough to come in to the deer blinds that were set aside for the event.

American White Pelican

Yesterday afternoon while the sun was shining, Ann and I took a drive through the park.  The lake level is further down, and the shore line is getting further away.  However, what water is left is still attracting lots of water birds.   We saw several hundred of Ring-billed Gulls, Cormorants, Coots, and one lone American White Pelican.  There are still alot of Meadowlarks hanging around, but I think the Harris’s Hawk has left the building.

Happy Birding!!


3 thoughts on “San Angelo State Park Again

  1. Hi Bob,
    Merry Christmas to you two! I enjoyed your most recent post about how you came to be in San Ang.
    And a Very Happy New Year to you and Ann.
    Mike Z
    BTW, the donation to Friends of SASP went out today.

  2. Hi Mike (from Austin, Texas)
    Thanks for your response. That is so nice that you would want to donate even though you don’t live here. You can mail a monetary donation to Friends of SASP, 3900-2 Mercedes, San Angelo, TX 76901. I thank you very much.

    I was happy to add your blog to my Blogroll. I hope you get many hits from it.


  3. Hi Bob,
    Sorry about the low donation level. Can a person mail a bag to the Park? Or contribute in some other way? Let me know.
    Mike Z
    PS thanks so much for adding my ‘blog to your Blogroll. Much, much appreciated!

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