Donations keep pouring in……

Ah, the power of the blog……..  Since I ranted about the lack of donations by the members of the board of Friends of San Angelo State Park, a few other people have taken notice.  I would like to acknowledge Deb and Paul Tappan of Knoxville, Tennessee;  Mike Ziegler of Austin, Texas;  Jodie Wolslager and Jim Miller, both of San Angelo, Texas for their generous contributions, both monetarily and of bags of bird seed.  They are greatly appreciated this Christmas season.

Not much other news on the birding adventures around here.  I guess everyone, including myself, is busy doing holiday things.  I may find some time this afternoon to get my camera out of the bag, and look for some photo ops.

Hold on!   This just in.  As I write this Ann just walked in from doing grocery shopping.  She was all excited.  She said that she saw two White-tailed Deer just a block from our house.  Running down Southland Blvd near our home.  She estimated one was about an eight-point buck and the other a doe.

Happy Birding!!

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