Another Senior Moment

Good morning to all.  I awoke with a start early this morning at around 4:30AM.  What could possibly be wrong, I asked myself.  I hurried to my office, booted up my computer, checked out my blog and what did I see?  Not tiny reindeer, you silly. 🙂  But I did see an embarrassing mistake.  I am surprised nobody had seen it, or if they did, they didn’t want to bring it to my attention.

Anyway, if you read my post yesterday, I had identified the egret as a Snowy, when in fact it is a Great Egret.  So I changed the title of yesterday’s post to reflect the change of ID, then edited the post itself.

Now I feel better and go back to sleep……….zzzzzzzz

Happy Birding!!!

Great Egrets


Great Egret

This morning when we were going to breakfast, still in the dark, Ann thought she saw something in the arroyo that runs by the old K-Mart building.  So later on when I went to the post office, I circled by there and there were two Great Egrets wading and feeding.  I got some good shots and this is one of them.  Canon EOS 7D, Canon f4-5.6 EF100-400mm IS AF zoom lens, ISO 400, 1/400 sec., f6.3, handheld.

Suzanne Johnson, along with her husband Sid, were out around the Twin Buttes Reservoir and saw a Verdin fly out of the grass.  She didn’t get a picture but said it was a “lifer” for her.

Happy Birding!!