Sparrows, Sparrows, Sparrows

Savannah Sparrow

Yesterday, Sue Oliver took me and Ann on a little birding tour.  We started out at San Angelo State Park to check out a few places.  We then left and headed out Arden Road.  We turned on the Burma Road and eventually ended up at Water Valley.  That little description sounds brief, however that took a span of about three and half hours.  Slow driving and checking out birds.

We saw a huge assortment of birds along the way.  Included were three

Grasshopper Sparrow

 species of bluebirds, Mountain, Western, and Eastern Bluebirds.  But the highlight of the day for me was to see three new sparrows I had never seen to identify before.  All of them lifers.  Savannah Sparrows, Grasshopper Sparrows, and Cassin’s Sparrows.  I got photos of the sparrows and I have them here for you.  I would have liked to have gotten photos of the bluebirds.  Actually, I did, but they were farther away, the lighting was poor because of overcast skies, and the photos weren’t up to my standards.  Heck, I ain’t gonna show you my bad stuff. 🙂  By the time we

Cassin's Sparrow

got back to San Angelo, it was getting quite cool and blustery.  By the way, if anyone wants to dispute the IDs of these birds, call 1-800-SUE OLIVER. 🙂

In other news, Suzanne and Sid Johnson spotted a Ringed Kingfisher at Ben Ficklin Park.  She got an excellent photograph of it.

I also want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.

Happy Birding!!