Great Start to New Year

Things are looking good for my new year, if the last few days is any indication.  Crockett National Bank invited me to show my work in their lobby thru January and February.  I went there yesterday morning to hang my photographs, and I sold one of my framed images before it got hung.  So I returned yesterday afternoon to hang a replacement.  But as I said, it is nice to start the year with a show, then an immediate sale.

Cold weather this week.  It is supposed to get down to 21 degrees Saturday morning, my first day of leading the monthly Adult Birding Adventure at San Angelo State Park.  Being originally from Michigan, I really should be used to freezing weather.  Up there it gets so cold that if you put a bucket of hot water outside, it freezes before it stops boiling.  If you take your dog out to pee, you have to break him off the fire hydrant. 🙂

I went to Academy this morning and bought four 2-way radios.  During the Adult Birding Adventure, we do a lot of birding by car.  With the 2-ways it is easy to communicate between cars when a bird specie is spotted.  Pretty nifty.  Now I need to sit down and read the directions to learn how to use them.

I have been blogging now for about four months.  I am enjoying it quite a bit.  My reviews from readers have been favorable, i.e. “entertaining”,”educational”, “witty”, etc.  I like that last one.  However, I do have a problem of coming up with interesting subjects to write about, if I haven’t been in the field, either birding or shooting photographs.  But never fear, this zany brain of mine can be creative at times.

I just remembered Ann’s birthday is coming up on the 10th.  Aha! You thought I’d forget didn’t you?  I admit I almost did.  I think I will order her a Leupold Rogue 8×42 binocular.  She has been wanting one.  Boy, howdy, I am glad that’s out of the way.

Dueling Snow Plows

Speaking of Michigan, how about I throw in this picture that I took a couple of years ago up in Traverse City.  This was taken during the late spring.  As I said before I don’t go there when there’s four feet of snow on the ground.  Anyway these two personal snow plows were finished for the winter, and were parked near this garage.   I thought their pose was kinda cute.  Enjoy.

Happy Birding!!

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