Inca Dove and Red-tailed Hawk

So Friday the 13th fell on a Wednesday this month.  That actually brought me some good luck.  I was able to get an amazing close-up of an Inca Dove and a

Inca Dove

Red-tailed Hawk in flight.  I actually got the photo of the Red-tailed Hawk today.   We had taken our Shi-Tzu to the vet for her flu shot and we were just pulling into our drive-way when I saw two Inca Doves sitting on the fence.  I cranked down the window (actually, I pushed the tiny button to let the electric thingee do it’s thing), reached for the camera and shot the photo.  Fortunately I keep my Canon 100-400mm lens on the Canon 7D most of the time.

As for the Red-tailed Hawk, we took a little drive out towards Eola to stop in

Red-tailed Hawk

 on some friends.  On the way home I spotted this Red-tailed Hawk on a telephone pole.  I waited and was fortunate to get this shot of him as he flew away towards, you guessed it, another telephone pole.  That’s why I love wildlife photography, being able to catch these creatures on in action.

Speaking of photography, my dear friend Deb Tappan of Knoxville has re-done her web-site and has some dazzling, awesome photos.  Check out her home page, “Wild Places, Wildlife” on my blog-roll to the right side of this page.  Her photographs of Yosemite, Yellowstone and other National Parks will blow you away.  Feel free to admire, and gasp in awe, but don’t stay too long.  Come back here as soon as you can.  🙂  Really, I feel proud to say that half of the photographs on our walls are hers.  The other half, are mine.  Of course. 🙂

‘Til the next time…..

Happy Birding!!!!!

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