Sunny days are back

Sunny days are back again.  The temps are supposed to get up to high 60s and low 70s this week.  So I am going to look forward to getting out and finding more birds and wildlife to photograph.

Brown Thrasher - Bill Yeates

Bill Yeates didn’t waste time though.  Yesterday he got out to the bird blind at San Angelo State Park.  He sat in the blind and was rewarded by seeing and photographing  this Brown Thrasher.  I haven’t seen one yet so I hope to come across one this week.  Bill also made a visit to the eagle’s nest down near Llano and got this great picture of one in flight.  He gave me permission to publish them here for all to see.  Thank you very much, Bill.

Bald Eagle - Bill Yeates

As most of you know the temperature got down to a low of 10 degrees last Saturday morning, so that discouraged anybody from coming to the monthly Adult Birding Adventure at the state park.  Keep in mind that we will try again on February 13.  That is the 2nd Saturday of the month.  I hope to see a few more people there.

Diane Coleman called for information on that birding tour.  She and her husband are newcomers to San Angelo.  She says that they are novice birders, like myself and Ann, so I certainly welcome them.

Happy Birding!!

2 thoughts on “Sunny days are back

  1. Bob
    Thanks for the welcome. On Saturday afternoon we were able to find the bird blind thanks to your directions. What kind of bird food do you feed the birds in case we want to bring some out? We saw several birds, including a small crested bird that looked like a chickadee; a red-throated bird a little larger than a sparrow; and a large hawk with a yellow belly. We had some discussion, pulled the “Texas” bird book out, made one trip back to the hut to look at the photos for identification purposes, and managed to identifiy the cowbird and the sparrow. Guess our technique needs some work! We drove down to the headquarters to see how to get on the dam, and finally saw some buffaloes eating near the junction of Mercedes and Arden–those we were able to identify without a book. We are looking forward to going back to the park and to some other birding areas. Diane

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