Brown Thrashers and Spotted Towhees

Yesterday, Tuesday, Ann and I decided to take advantage of some more of

Brown Thrasher

 our nice sunny weather.  Jodie Wolslager had wanted to go with us again so the three of us headed to San Angelo State Park and the bird blind there.  The bin was without bird-seed except for sunflower seeds.  So we put some generous portions of that out and were soon richly rewarded.

Brown Thrasher

We saw a total of 22 species.  Some of the highlights were a Brown Thrasher, probably the same one that Bill Yeates photographed the previous day.  I got some excellent images of it and I will show them here.  Also there were two Spotted Towhees.  Then there were a couple of Northern Cardinals, a male Lesser Goldfinch, some Curve-billed Thrashers, House Finches and various other species that are common most days there.  All of the photos posted here were taken on this trip.  By the way, the Brown Thrasher was a “lifer” for me.

All of these images were taken with my Canon 7D digital SLR, 500mm f4 IS AF telephoto lens, 1.4 tele-converter, mounted on my Bogen-Manfrotto tripod with a Wimberley II gimbal head.

In other news, I have been elected to the Friends of San Angelo State Park

Spotted Twohee

 board of directors.  Gary Lindahl is moving to the metro-plex area, so I will fill his spot on the board.  I can only hope to do the job as well as he did.  Judy Hight called yesterday evening and asked if I would do the job.  I never could say no to anything.  Not in my vocabulary, I guess.   Since I now have more responsibities out there now, I and Ann went to Walmart and purchased 240 pounds of bird seed, and took it out to the park.  Jodie Wolslager gave us another generous donation for the bird-seed fund.

Happy Birding!!

One thought on “Brown Thrashers and Spotted Towhees

  1. Congratulations on your selection to the board. I very much enjoyed my time and was saddened that I had to drop it when I headed off for Ohio.

    Nice images of the Brown Thrasher. The Spotted Towhees appear to be getting braver since I was there back at the end of December. There were a couple out and about, but they were spending much of their time hiding under the tree that you caught this guy on. Well done as always.


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