Bewick’s and Rock Wrens

Rock Wren

We got out today and I saw my very first Rock Wren.  If you drive out to San Angelo State Park, head around past the prairie dog village then down where you are along the dam, you can see one or more darting around in the riprap.  The problem is finding one.  They are tiny and blend in, so just watch for movement and you can pick out one.  We saw two.  I got a couple of good photographs.  I was able to ID them from my Sibley’s book.

Speaking of identification of the avian kind, I may have erred on my ID of the

Rock Wren

 Lesser Goldfinch in my previous post.  The black bill tells me it is a Lesser Goldfinch.  The whitish feathers under the tail says American Goldfinch.  Of course, it could be a trick of the light.  At any rate, I do not mind admitting when I am wrong.  After all, my forte is photography and I still am a novice at birding.  But I’m getting there, and enjoying the ride. 🙂

Bewick"s Wren

We saw twenty-seven species today, including two un-identified hawks.  But did see a Bewick’s Wren.  That is pronounced like Buicks for anybody else that is new at this.  I got a half-way decent photo of it and will include it here.  The temperature was about 34 degrees, but with no wind it was actually cozy in the bird blind. 

The pesky Brown-headed Cowbirds appeared again in great numbers, along with a bunch of Red-winged Blackbirds.  There were also two Spotted Towhees plus the Brown Thrasher is still hanging around.  There were hundreds of Ring-billed Gulls on the lake, plus about at half dozen American White Pelicans.

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Happy Birding!!