Tweaking my blog

Because of the inclement weather, I have stayed hunkered down at home, trying to stay out of trouble.  For want of something to do, I decided to make some changes to this blog.

I removed my original San Angelo Park Page, as it was written word for word as my post on September 23.  In it’s place I decided to make a San Angelo State Park Events page.  On it I will list all the upcoming events that will be happening thru the year based on the information that I have.  If anyone has anything more to offer, let me know and I can include it here.  Obviously, I just want to keep people informed about what’s happening at the park, and what the heck, maybe I can get more readers to my blog here. 🙂

In a nutshell, this will be a news page for the park.  I welcome any news items, or comments, and that will give me something more to do when I have these days of cabin fever. 🙂

Happy Birding!!