Crested Caracaras near Eldorado

I don’t know what it is about the Eldorado area, but it has been rife with rare (for this area), bird sightings this past year.  Least Grebes, Brown Pelicans, White Ibis, Tri-colored Herons to name a few.  Now I got an e-mail from Suzanne and Sid Johnson.  They went birding yesterday near there and saw, and photographed two Crested Caracaras.  They usally hang out in Northeastern Mexico and the Texas Gulf Coast areas.

That will naturally give me a need to go scout out the Eldorado area myself,  hoping I will get photographs of those elusive birds before they leave the area.  That’s what I love about birding; the fun of the chase. 🙂

In other news, the new Butterfield Stage outdoor theater at San Angelo State Park is finally nearing completion.  The Friends of SASP are selling commemerative bricks that will pave the walkway behind the seating area of the stage.  Money from the sales will help pay the costs of the amphitheater beautification.  They can have up to three lines of engraved text.  4×8″ bricks are available, with 1-2 lines $50, or with 3 lines $60.00.  Larger 8×8″ bricks are $100, and can have up to 6 lines.  Contact Timmy Wisdom 325-650-0490 or Ruth Jordan 325-651-7346.  You can also contact any Friends board member, including myself.  My number is 325-944-1839. 

INTRODUCTORY OFFERL  If you purchase by March 1st you can have two of the smaller ones for at toal of $75.  Or one large 8×8″ for $75.  After March 1st they will be at regular price.

Happy Birding!!