Another rare sighting

Wow!  It doesn’t get any better than this.  All of these rare bird sighting we’ve had the past several months.  It certainly makes birding exciting.  Now on January 26, Barbara Galyean saw and photographed an Anhinga (anhinga anhinga).   She spotted it on the North Concho River in downtown San Angelo near the Girl Scouts Center and the San Angelo Visitors Center.  According to Terry Maxwell, at Angelo State University, it is the first ever sighting for this bird in the Concho Valley.  So congratulations to Barbara.

Great Egret

We made a trip down there yesterday afternoon and spent about two hours searching, but didn’t see it.  Later yesterday evening Barbara sent me an e-mail saying she spotted again on her way home from work.  So at least, it is still hanging around.  Right now it is raining cats and dogs (there are poodles in the road), but if it quits later today I will try again to see it.  And hopefully get a photograph of it.

Black-crowned Night Heron

As for our trip yesterday afternoon I did get rewarded.  Ann and I saw a Great Egret, a Black-crowned Night Heron. several Cormorants, Northern Shovelers, a Red-tailed Hawk in a tree, and a treeful of Cedar Waxwings.  Even though the weather was foggy and murky, I did come up with these two photographs. 

We need the rain, but hopefully it will let up a bit soon.

Happy Birding!!

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