No Anhinga today…but

No Anhinga today, but never the less, I did come up with a couple of nice photos to show you.  We decided to brave the cold, drizzly weather this afternoon.  Ah, what fools we are.  Are all birders like us, or are we the only nut cases out here. 🙂  Our goal was to find and photograph the Anhinga.  It was drizzly enough that we had our windshield wipers on slow intermittent.   We prowled up and down the Concho River, saw a lot of the usual cormorants, then spotted two Hooded Mergansers.  This is one of the photos here.  I used my Canon 7D, 500mm f4 lens hand-held.  I even got a nice 8×10 print out it.  I’ve also shown here another of the Great Egret photos from yesterday.  That photo, by the way, was shot with my 100-400mm lens.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, you can click on my images and see a larger photograph.

Hooded Merganzer

Great Egret

Happy Birding!!

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