Finally an Anhinga

Well, finally, after several days of searching in all kinds of weather, we spotted an Anhinga.  It has been hanging around since the 24th of January, so I guess it has found a home here along the Concho River.  When we found it yesterday, it was across the river in a tree about 100 yards away.  It was late and the light was waning, but the Canon 7D with my 500mm lens performed as advertised.

I have two of the photos here, along with images of a Prairie Falcon, and a Juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron.  All photographs were taken yesterday.  The Prairie Falcon is uncommon for this area.  It and the Anhinga were both “lifers” for me.

Click on any photo to view an enlargement.



Prairie Falcon

Prairie Falcon

Black-crown Night Heron - juvenile

5 thoughts on “Finally an Anhinga

  1. Deb,
    Hey, my pleasure, indeed. Thanks for wonderful compliment. I enjoy showing people about the wonders of nature and wildlife.
    For you other readers, Deb is an outstanding photographer in her own right. Check out her images on her web-site to the right on my blog roll.

  2. My list is meager small compared to most people I know. I’m at 189. Sue Oliver told me yesterday her life list is somewhere around 325. Now that’s a life list. But the fun is in the hunt. 🙂

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