A Big Mea Culpa

What a dumbkoff I am at times.  In my blog post yesterday “Photography as Art”, I commited a bad faux pax.  In my expounding on the work of Ansel Adams and Galen Rowell, I failed to mention another great photographer who is dear to my heart.  How I could leave her out is beyond me.

She is Deb Tappan, one of the finest photographers of the National Parks of the country.  You only need to check her web-site, listed in my blog-roll to the right of this page.  Her images belong right up there with the fore-mentioned photographers.  In fact, her amazing black and photos rival those of the great Ansel Adams.

I have been with her on many photo shoots, and hope to do it again.  I am proud to say that she is my dearest and best friend.  I have as many works of hers on my walls as I do of my own.  So, Deb, you may give me 50 lashes with your camera strap. 🙂