Off to the Big Bend

Today Ann, Jodie and I are off to the Big Bend country.  Our first destination is Lajitas where we will be staying on the Rio Grande River, just outside Big Bend National Park.  It is a resort I guess you would say.  It is not actually a city in itself.  Their actual address is Terlingua and the post office is in Study Butte.  That’s pronounced “Stoodie”.  

We will be between Big Bend National Park, and Big Bend Ranch State Park.  The roads into the State Park have been improved  so this trip we may get to go into the central part of it.  There is a volcanic cauldera there, but I think it is only accessible by horse or maybe 4-wheel dr.  We will see about that if or when we get there.  Also we make make a short hike into Slot Canyon.  It just off the highway 117, and leads to about a 400 foot drop-off to the Rio Grande.  We probably won’t make it that far into the canyon, because the further you get into, there comes a point you really need climbing gear.  I only hope I can get far enough to get some photographs.

We’re also looking forward to doing a little birding in both the Big Bend Ranch State Park, and Big Bend National Park.  However, we will probably be a bit early for the migration.  But still there are great possibilities there anyway to see the other birds that reside there permanently. 

By the way, Big Bend Ranch State Park, is relatively new and almost as large as the National Park, but not developed nearly as much.  It’s pretty desolate.  It is a very huge working ranch that donated to the State of Texas a few years ago.  It covers 300,000 acres, with elevations ranging from 2350 feet at the river to 5000 feet.  That’s about 293,000 acres larger than San Angelo State Park.  I will give a more complete description and more information in a future post.

The weather is nice today, but windy, and we will have about 320 miles to go.  I’ll try to write a post or two the next few days and tell you what we’ve been up to.

Happy Birding!!