Home from the Big Bend

Blizzard in the Chisos

We’re finally back from the Big Bend country of southwest Texas.  After the blizzard in the Chisos Mountains on Tuesday, Wednesday was nearly back to normal.  The snow was gone from the desert, but quite a bit remained in the higher elevations of the Chisos.  We drove back into BB National Park, but didn’t go to the higher peaks.

We spent our time visiting Rio GrandeVillage RV park on the eastern side of

Western Bluebird

 the National Park.  It is along the Rio Grande river, and the birding was pretty good for this time of the year.  We saw Roadrunners, Vermillion Flycatchers, Ravens, and a good assortment of winter birds.  We visited the Hot Springs, where are several Cliff Swallow nests, but they un-inhabited right now.  From there we went to the ruins of the old Sam Neil ranch.  In amongst the trees there were Cardinals, Thrashers, and several tiny birds that were flitting around and I couldn’t identify.

Gray-headed Junco

On Thursday we left Lajitas and headed for Davis Mountains State Park, to stay there overnight.  Before we checked in we took the approximately 45 mile loop that circles around through the Davis Mountains.  It was quite chilly and there weren’t a lot of wildlife moving around, but there was still snow in the areas that the sun doesn’t reach a lot.

On Friday morning, before we left for the trip home, we visited the bird blind


 in the state park.  The first thing we saw as we were parking the car, was five Javelinas in the bird blind doing a little grazing.  We waited until they finished eating and moved back into the brush before we went in.  Javelinas have an unsavory reputation when it comes to meeting the public. 🙂  But after they left, we spotted Black-headed Grosbeaks, Dark-eyed Juncos, Pine Siskins.

Scaled Quail

Then it was time to leave for San Angelo.  But a fantastic time was had by all three of us.  Of course, we will probably be making plans soon for another venture to our favorite places in the beautiful Big Bend. The pictures here are a selection of some of my photographs from the approximately 600 images that I shot.  Check the man-shaped formation photo from Big Bend Ranch State Park.  Click on any image to see enlargement.

Man-shaped formation

Man-shaped formation - close-up