Rock Wren (Salpinctes obsoletus)

Today was one of the windiest days I’ve seen recently.  But we decided to check out the San Angelo State Park and see if any of the migratory birds have started to arrive.  I guess everything decided to stay out of the wind, so we didn’t see much in the way of new species.

We decided to drive by the riprap along the O C. Fisher Reservoir Dam and see if there were any Rock Wrens.  We were rewarded, after cruising along at a snail’s pace.  Because of all the rocks, it is hard to spot one.  You just have to stare and hope you see movement, then lock your eyes on them.

We did spot a couple.  I decided to use my 500mm with a 1.4 converter attached.  I had to hand-hold it out the window, and creep along in the van, steering with my knees.  Those birds are so gosh-darn little it was hard to lock the lens on and try to follow there movements.  I took a hundred images and some of them I just caught air.

Here is one of my more successful images.

Rock Wren

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