Pyrrhuloxia (Cardinalis sinuatus)

Found in brushy habitats. Similar to the Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis).  Pyrrhuloxia more grayer, has yellow bill versus an orange bill on the cardinal.  I captured this image yesterday.


What a difference a day can make, at least weather wise.  Yesterday the local temp reached a high of 87 degrees.  Now at this writing the thermometer on my patio reads 50 degrees at about mid-afternoon.  It’s cloudy and scattered light showers.

However, we took advantage of the sunny day yesterday and ventured out.  We went to the San Angelo State Park and staked out a position near the prairie dog village.  The previous day Ann had seen a Burrowing Owl sitting on the edge of an old prairie dog mound.  I barely missed seeing it, only catching a glimpse of fleeting wings out of the corner of my eye.  I can’t really say I saw it enough to be able to ID it, so I can’t add it to my life list.  So I am on a mission to see it and photograph it.  But it wasn’t to be yesterday.  Maybe next time???