Almost back to normal….

Well, the painters left about an hour ago.  Now begins the arduous task of getting the house back in some semblance of order.

First we had the entire exterior painted.  Then we had them paint the bedrooms as they still sported the original color that was put on when the house was built 23 years ago.  Now the whole inside looks fresh and bright.  Next come new carpet for one of the bedrooms.  The old had some water damage from a storm last year.  The new is to be installed next week.

We also had the front circle drive and sidewalks power-washed.  Those darned grackles had sure done number on them.

While they were painting the interior the past couple of days Ann and I decided to get out of the odorous fumes and sleep elswhere.  We called Sherry Hodges, a friend of ours whe just happens to own the Morning Glory bed and breakfast near Christoval.  She had a spot for us so we had a nice quiet place to stay, on the banks of the Concho River.

But since we were only staying as a necessity, and only slept there, we didn’t really get to enjoy the full deal there.  However, we did see several Northern Cardinals and an Eastern Phoebe, plus Deer and Wild Turkey.  Maybe we’ll go back when we will be actually taking a few days off.

As for birding, I really don’t have much to report since I’ve been out of pocket so to speak.  I hope to get back to the park this weekend and check things out, and see if anything new has shown up.

Bill Yeates sent me a great closeup photo of a Long-billed Curlew that he spotted near Tankersley.

I’ll post again here in a few days.  Maybe I’ll have a good report and some new photographs.

One thought on “Almost back to normal….

  1. Hello Bob,
    Enjoyed reading the blog. You had told me about it but….just got to it. I will continue reading.
    I think I notice that you have a new camera……..Congratulations! Ican’t wait to see it……I will definitely not be following your lead this time. My extra dollars have all been spent staying here in Dallas for 4 months.
    Things are good…..I’m feeling better by the day and my immune system and blood system are now working on their own once again. The chemo has finally breathed it’s last breath….

    I will call you in the next day or two.

    Loved the K-Mart stories. Just shows you can find those little birds almost anywhere…you just have to take the time to look for them.

    Can’t wait to see you both. Jerita says hello…..and….”we’d like to enjoy some more wine and nachos with our great friends…

    Johnnie and Jerita

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