Birding fun April 10

Lark Bunting

I have been a little late with my posts here.  I am having back problems, as yet the cause undetermined.  I am having an MRI on Wednesday so maybe I can get a diagnosis soon.  In the meantime, I have difficulty sitting at the the computer for long periods.

Yesterday was our monthly Birding Adventure for April.  With Ann’s help and me carrying a cane, we pulled it off.  We had eleven fellow birders join

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

 us.  Some from the Midland-Odessa area and some from the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.  A new local birder to join us was Mr. Ken Coley, recently retired.  A really good time was had by all.   

We spent nearly an hour at the bird blind as Ann had fed the birds earlier and they were very active.  Some of the people with us were novices, even more so than Ann and I.  But it was fun for all trying to identify all the species.  

Female Pyrrhuloxia

After leaving the bird blind for a short drive-around we saw the first Ospreys of the year, at least for me.  Also, we saw newly arrived Scissor-tailed Flycatchers, a Rock Wren, and a Snowy Egret among others.  After the tour was “officially” over at 11:00 a few birder stayed awhile.  It was then I saw another lifer.  My first Lark Bunting.  He was pretty far off, but by hand-holding my 500mm from inside the van, (not good for the back), I was able to get an image, albeit not a great one.  But good enough for an ID.  I will insert a few images from yesterday.

In other news the sightings continue to come in from Suzanne and Sid Johnson in Eldorado.  Some of their latest finds included a Snow Goose and an Eurasian Widgeon.  Only the third sighting in history here for the widgeon.

I will try not to be too late for my next post. but with things the way they are please be patient and keep checking back.

Happy Birding!!