Red-shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus)

Well we made it to the Hummer House yesterday.  What a beautiful day for birding it was.   Saw a good collection of birds, but not as plentiful as there will be in a couple of weeks.  We did see a Painted Bunting, among others, but the highlight of the day was seeing the Red-shouldered Hawk nest.  This hawk is not common for this area as it mostly resides to the east of here. 

I hope to make more trips there so I can see the progress of the young ones after they have hatched.  I have posted some of my photos here for your enjoyment.  I am rather proud of them.  One image shows the hawk on the nest, the others are two images of  he or she in a nearby tree.

In other news Susanne Johnson reported 25 White-faced Ibises are (or were) at the water treatment ponds down in Eldorado,  plus some other water and shore birds.  Jodie Wolslager sent me a photo of about 25 Yellow-headed Blackbirds that she saw near the country club.  I had personally never seen such a large flock of those beautiful birds.  I may venture out that way later this evening to see if I can find them.  Also Sue Oliver sent me a photo of a Greater Roadrunner that she took near her house.

Red-shouldered Hawk on nest

Red-shouldered Hawk

Red-shouldered Hawk

3 thoughts on “Red-shouldered Hawk (Buteo lineatus)

  1. A year or so after we moved back here, we went to Lake Ivey on a birding trip with Gordon and Mary Creel. On the way we passed a farm. There was this beautiful tree “decorated” with a flock of Yellow-headed Blackbirds. I will never forget that sight.

    • I am envious of anyone who has seen such large flocks of the Yellow-headed Blackbirds. I myself have see several in the past, but they were all single bird sightings. Once we were entering Big Bend National Park from the west, and as we approached the kiosk at the entrance to the park there was a lone Yellow-headed Blackbird along with two Snowy Egrets sitting on the roof. Another sighting was of one on our backyard fence, then just recently we saw one near Sam’s Club.

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