Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus)

We had a nice experience this morning.  Of course, it was down by the old K-Mart building, the site of many of our unusual bird sightings.  We had decided to drive by there to check for any new birds, and as we circled around behind the building, we looked down into the arroyo.  Lo and behold, there were two, yes two, Great Horned Owls sitting in the grass on the opposite slope from us.  Plus, in a tree along the creek was another one.  I can only speculate, but the two on the ground looked slightly smaller than the one in the tree, although it was difficult to get a good visual of that one.  Perhaps the ones that seemed smaller were the young.  Anyway, here are two photos of the ones on the ground.  Photographed from a distance of about 80 yards, with my Canon 7D with 500mm lens and 1.4 converter, hand-held from my van window.  Hope you enjoy the shots.  Click on either one for an enlargements.

Great Horned Owl


Great Horned Owl

One thought on “Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus)

  1. What a beautiful animal. You’re very lucky to have raptors in the wild where you live! They’re very sparse here in Ireland, unfortunately…

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