“Local Boy Make Good” :-)

Okay, so I’m not a boy, and maybe I’m more loco than local.  But I like a little humor now and then. 🙂

Anyway, it is now official.  My photograph of the two “kissing” prairie dogs (see below) will definitely be published in the August issue of National Wildlife Magazine.  I was notified of this yesterday and I forwarded the digital file to that publication.  It is always nice to add another magazine to my resume.

Now if I could just get on the cover of Playboy. 🙂

Black-tailed Prairie Dogs

Happy Birding!!  (and photographing)

6 thoughts on ““Local Boy Make Good” :-)

  1. Thanks,Mike,
    No, I don’t think it is available on the newsstands. Go to http://www.nwf.org. which is the website for the National Wildlife Federation. For a 15.00 donation you get a subscription to the magazine. I have supported NWF for sevreral years.

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