Early June Birding News

Gosh, this blog is supposed to be about birding and photography, and I have gotten off the track a little lately. But, heck, it’s my blog so I guess I can write whatever I want.   But I guess I should catch you up a little bit.

Actually there’s not to much going on right now.  I and Ann have been out to the park daily when feeding the birds and watching over the bird blind.  By the way the area around the bird blind has been mowed finally, and it looks just great.  We have not been birding at the blind, but been driving around the other areas of the park.

We’re seeing lots of Common Nighthawks, various sparrows, etc.  Nothing really unusual except a few more Yellow-billed Cuckoos than usual.  But that’s my opinion.  The lake continues to dry up and get smaller.  That translates into more difficulty in spotting any shore birds.  We have set a spotting scope and have seen some of the larger species such as Blue Herons, Black-necked Stilts and an occasional Osprey.  There are probably other small shore birds and sandpipers, but we are unable to see them.

Ken Coley just got back from a trip to Kentucky.  He added a couple more to his life list, a Louisiana Waterthrush, and an American Redstart.

There are lots of reports of more Mississippi Kites in the area.  Mike Erb thinks there are some nesting in the north part of the park.

Coming soon!!  Chapter two of “The Kid’s Got Talent”.  also Jim Cunningham is sending me some photos of a Peregrine Falcon that he photographed.  He is working on a bridge 150 feet above San Francisco Bay and there is an aerie (nest) up there.  I will post the photos here.

So for now, Happy Birding!