The Kid’s Got Talent – The Sequel

I wanted to buy a camoflage jacket for when I am photographing birds, and do you know, I couldn’t find one?? 🙂

Okay, that was a corny joke, but I bet you got a chuckle out of it, didn’t you?  How about this one:  “I went out to pick up some cigarettes and someone stepped on my hand.” 🙂

I love one liners.  I love good, clean funny jokes.  The kind that you could hear from Steven Wright, Smothers Brothers, Jerry lewis, and the list goes on.  Clean jokes are absolutely the best in my opinion.

Take this Henny Penny thing for example.  People have always thought that she was yelling “The Sky is Falling”.   What really happened was that she happened to see a guy take a high dive from a tall building and she yelled “This guy is falling, this guy is falling.”

And I still think that Humpty-Dumpty was pushed.

But enough nonsense for awhile.  I will try to wipe this smile off of my face and write about my main subjects.  But forgive me if I happen to smirk a little.  I am in a smiling mood today.  🙂  What’s not to smile about, I’ve got my health,  great family, great friends.  And I am about to get published in the August issue of National Wildlife Magazine.

I think that’s what all of us professional photographers strive for.  That’s recognition, whether it is in magazines, on book covers or in newspapers.  It’s nice to get monetary compensation, such as I get from Wild West Magazine or Texas Farm and Ranch Magazine.  But if it is a national known publication, just a photo credit is nice as long as hey spell my name right.

It’s always nice to see my work hanging in public places.  One of my photographs covers the complete wall on the left when entering McDonald’s Restaurant on Southwest Blvd.   My photograph of the San Angelo Visitors Center graced a bill-board on Hwy 87 North a couple of years ago.  Boy, what an ego trip that was.

But my work is always for sale.  If anyone is interested in my prints or framed works, just watch the pictures on this blog or better yet, check out my complete photo gallery at

Well that’s it for this installment.  Hope you enjoyed the jokes.  By the way, I do steal most of my jokes, but what the heck, I think I tell them better. 🙂

I’d give my right arm to be ambi-dextrous. 🙂

Take my wife……….please! 🙂

I’m sorry, I can’t help myself.  Happy Birding!!

Snowy Plovers at San Angelo State Park

Yesterday, Friday, afternoon Melanie at the south gate to the park called and told me that another professional photographer had spotted a Snowy Plover in the Red Arroyo boat ramp parking lot.

I immediately high-tailed it out there to try and get my own photographs.  I had gotten an image of one at Twin Buttes several years ago, but never had been impressed with the photo, as that one had been quite a bit further away, and therefore not a real great image.  When we arrived it, the plover, was already walking away towards the weeds.  I sat my camera up some distance away and waited, but after an hour decided to wait ’til this morning.

Snow Plover watching over eggs.

So this morning, I and and Ann went back.  The bird wasn’t near the nest but with our binoculars we could see that there were two eggs instead of the single one that we had seen yesterday.  I set up my equipment near some bushes some distance away.  With my 500mm lens and a 2x tele-converter I wasn’t worried about not getting a good image. 

Snowy Plover

After about a thirty-minute wait, here comes not one Snowy Plover, but two Snowy Plovers.  They skittered around the parking lot, then eventually ended up near the “nest”.  Actually, the two eggs are on the tar and gravel parking lot surface.  One of the birds got on the eggs, and the other disappeared into the nearby brush and weeds.

I am inserting a couple of my photographs here for your enjoyment.  Click on either one for an enlargement.

As a foot-note, while were waiting, a Scaled Quail landed near us for a very brief two minute visit.  I decided against trying to get an image of it because I had my big lens sighted in on the plover eggs and didn’t want to risk of missing a shot.

Enjoy the photos, and Happy Birding!!