Blue Monday

Gosh, this has been a rather useless day.  I haven’t been able to motivate myself into doing anything constructive.  Ann and I made our usual trip to the park to feed the birds.  While there, we did see a hornets nest being built over the door to the blind, so I dispatched that without sustaining any injury.

We didn’t see anything else exciting so we headed back to the house.  I think I forgot to mention on a previous post that we saw a fox a couple of mornings ago.  I grabbed the camera as soon as we spotted it, fired off a couple of shots, only to discover that in my haste that I had accidently moved my exposure dial way off kilter.  So consequently the photos were drastically over exposed.  That’s just like me.  When my ship came in, I was at the airport.  Always missing great opportunities.

But there have been times that I have been prepared.  For example the shot of the Red-tailed Hawk I have posted here.  We spotted him high overhead.  I had my Canon 100-400mm zoom lens and I stopped the van.  I locked him on my auto-focus and tracked him until I was able to get this photo.  Nothing to this job. 🙂

Enjoy the photo.  Click on the image to see enlargement.  Happy Birding!!

Red-tailed Hawk