Only birdies, not birds

Let’s talk golf today, or rather golf course photography.  I haven’t birded for a day for two because I’ve been a couch potato for four days.  The United States Open, our national golf championship is being played at Pebble Beach Golf & Country Club in California.  It is probably one of the most beautiful, scenic golf courses in the country. 

But San Angelo is not without some beautiful golf holes.  Now isn’t that a co-incidence.  I just happen to have some golf hole photographs that I have been wanting to show off.  This will show you that do break away from my wildlife photography occasionally.  Actually, I guess I would say that I am an outdoor photographer as I love nature and scenics in all aspects, be it mountains, canyons, old buildings, flowers or birds.

Oh, I guess that I should mention that I absolutely love the game of golf, however my health problems have deterred me from it for awhile.  Think fractured back.

Enjoy the following pictures and Happy Birding!  If you’re a golfer Happy Birdying!  Did you catch that, birding and birdying? 🙂

Click on any photo for an enlargement.  And by the way, prints are available for any of my photos.  Just contact me.

Hole #10 - Bentwood Country Club, San Angelo


Hole #1 - San Angelo Country Club


Hole #2 - Bentwood Country Club, San Angelo


Hole #15 - San Angelo Country Club

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