American Badger Photograph

I had always heard that San Angelo State Park was home to an American Badger, or two.  I had never before seen one.  That is until yestereday, when leaving the park, one wandered across the road just a few yards outside the south gate entrance.  I stopped the car and used my binoculars to see where he may have went after he entered the buffalo enclosure.  I could just make him out lying in the tall grass.

I got out of the van with my Canon 7D and my 100-400mm soom lens.  I set it for aperture priority and spot-focus.  I walked up to the the fence and through the lens I could see him watching my every move.  He had backed himself into his lair so only his head and upper body was outside.  I moved back and forth and side to side, trying to get my spot-focus on his eye.  Getting the eye in focus is the utmost important thing in photographing any wildlife.  With the eyes out of focus, the image is a throw-away.  But I think I got it with this shot.  Enjoy, and click the image to see an enlargement.

American Badger peering through the grass

4 thoughts on “American Badger Photograph

  1. Excellent shot! I have something else to look for – I’ll have to get out to the park a little more often and look for it myself. Thanks for posting and sharing the info.

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