Nesting Correction

Okay, I am learning.  It seems that I made a mistake in my previous post.  I went by that nest today.  The light was better, and better still, the mother bird was easier to identify along with her young ones.  It is not an Ash-throated Flycatcher as I said previously.  It obviously is a Western Kingbird with her chicks.  I got lucky again and got what I think, is a great photo of her and her hungry fledglings.  So enjoy this photo below and click on the image for an enlargement.

In other news, Ann, Jodie Wolslager, and I made a trip to Llano State Park down at Junction a few days ago.  An enjoyable trip despite rainy on the way down, then hot and humid after we got there.  The bird blinds there, four of them, were really sweat-boxes because of the high humidity.  However, we saw many birds that we don’t usually see around San Angelo.  A Yellow-breasted Chat, Yellow-throated Vireo, both lifers for me, and a Black-throated Sparrow.  Those birds are around here but not in the large numbers as they are down there.  I want to make a return trip soon.

Western Kingbird with hungry children