Nesting Correction

Okay, I am learning.  It seems that I made a mistake in my previous post.  I went by that nest today.  The light was better, and better still, the mother bird was easier to identify along with her young ones.  It is not an Ash-throated Flycatcher as I said previously.  It obviously is a Western Kingbird with her chicks.  I got lucky again and got what I think, is a great photo of her and her hungry fledglings.  So enjoy this photo below and click on the image for an enlargement.

In other news, Ann, Jodie Wolslager, and I made a trip to Llano State Park down at Junction a few days ago.  An enjoyable trip despite rainy on the way down, then hot and humid after we got there.  The bird blinds there, four of them, were really sweat-boxes because of the high humidity.  However, we saw many birds that we don’t usually see around San Angelo.  A Yellow-breasted Chat, Yellow-throated Vireo, both lifers for me, and a Black-throated Sparrow.  Those birds are around here but not in the large numbers as they are down there.  I want to make a return trip soon.

Western Kingbird with hungry children

2 thoughts on “Nesting Correction

  1. Hello Bob,

    I always enjoy reading your blog about Texas as my wife and I visit there each Spring to photograph your wonderful birds. We live in England and don’t have any of the colourful species that you have over there. This year we spent time on a ranch near Roma, Concan, Big Bend and then near Fredericksberg in the Hill Country. The snow you had in Big Bend earlier in the year was long gone!Your wildflowers this year were quite spectacular and at the best we have ever seen.

    With regards to the Ash-throated Flycatcher, it is a cavity nesting species and will nest in old woodpecker holes and even old Cactus Wren nests and not in open cup type nests like the Western Kingbird.

    All the best,

    Dave Hassell.

    • Thanks for writing, Dave,

      Yes I agree with you. I am still learning a lot about bird identification, but I also forget to look into their nesting habits. Thanks for enlightening me on something that I should already have known.

      Gee, when you were in Concan you weren’t very far from where I live. And Big Bend is one of my favorite places and I will be going back there soon.


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